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I purchased this during the shelter-in which allowed me to work on my golf game in my back patio. I did not know it was going to be this tall as you can see from the picture, the net touches the roof. It does not fit in the garage but it was easy to put up and take down. If you leave it out on the sun, the bottom cloth can get sun damage and can rip. I duck taped a rip I had on the top and bottom and it seems to work fine. One thing you have to have is a really good swing mat and swing monitor is a plus. If you are looking for a golf net to work on your swing, this is a really great option.

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I question its longevity as it's slightly on the flimsy side but good product overall - especially for a tight space. Easy enough to put together as well.

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We ordered two of these to put side by side in our yard behind the lacrosse goal. The net is sturdy and I dont feel like it will rip easily. Unfortunately, one of them did not come with the right amount of poles so we had return it. We are waiting to order another second one to see how this one holds up.