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Great golf net!!

Great product! Very durable. I have already had it around my dogs running Across it and rolling on it. Holds up very well.

Its good for practicing at home.

Easy to set up. I took a bad swing and hit a ball over the net, over my garage and it bounced down the alley behind my place. I was waiting for the sound of breaking glass but luckily I missed all the parked cars

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Its quick and easy to set up.
Im really like it.
I will be able to focus more on golf.
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The net seems to stop the balls fine, but the bottom tie downs on each corner of the solid target piece already broke. I am hoping that it doesnt affect the stopping of the ball, it has worked ok so far, but I think Ill tie a small rope on each corner to replace the tie downs that came with it.... update: adding this edit three months later . I have hit hundreds of balls into this net and it is holding up just fine. Its a great tool to improve your ball striking

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I've set up this golf net three times now. I cannot get everything back into the bag, nor did I spend a ton of effort trying to, figuring the poles may create a tear. In the second picture, one pole through the red sleeve, one pole through the other black sleeve. I time myself on the third attempt to set it up. I had the poles straightened and through the sleeves the the net standing in about seven minutes. It only took another two to complete start to finish, it shouldn't take more then ten minutes to stand it up and anchor it to the ground. I've his full practice shots and small practice shots. I'm happy with the product.